How Kybella Can Help Boost Your Confidence At The Beach This Summer

How Kybella Can Help Boost Your Confidence At The Beach This Summer

As summer approaches, many look forward to relaxing beach days, feeling the warm sand under their feet, and enjoying the sparkling waters. However, donning beachwear and basking in the summer sun can be a source of anxiety rather than anticipation for some. Body confidence plays a significant role in our overall self-esteem and how we enjoy […]

What Is Hylenex Injection Used For?

What is Hylenex injection used for

Hylenex Injection is a powerful substance with a wide range of medical applications. One of its most remarkable uses is its ability to dissolve certain facial fillers, providing a safe and effective solution for individuals looking to remove or adjust their filler treatments. So we will delve into the composition, mechanism of action, and benefits of […]

What is Candela Nordlys?

What is Candela Nordlys? -Diamond Advanced Aesthetics

Candela Nordlys is an innovative medical aesthetic device that offers a wide range of treatments for various skin conditions, including vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, hair removal, and skin rejuvenation. The device is designed and manufactured by Candela, a leading company in the field of medical aesthetics. In recent years, It has gained popularity as one of […]

How Safe is Dermaplaning? diamond advanced aesthetics

How Safe Is Dermaplaning? - Diamond Advanced Aesthetics

You might be thinking about trying Dermaplaning for the first time. If you’re curious about how safe it works, then you’re where you need to be! Dermaplaning is a popular and effective way to eliminate dead skin cells and fine facial hair, leaving skin that looks smoother, brighter, and healthier.  Today, Diamond Advanced Aesthetic will help you […]

Chemical Peels: Types of Peels, Conditions Treated, What to Expect

Chemical Peels Types of Peels, Conditions Treated, What to Expect

Even though you can’t turn back the hands of time, you can undo what it’s done to your skin. Chemical peels are a non-invasive way to improve your appearance and get around younger, healthier skin.  At Diamond Advanced Aesthetics, our expert technicians are trained to look at your skin and determine the best solution for your specific […]

How Can I Remove Scars With BellaFill Collagen Stimulator?

How Can I Remove Scars With BellaFill Collagen Stimulator

Are you tired of the usual routine for treating your scars? With Bellafill Collagen Stimulator, you can ease all those worries and start producing your own natural collagen in the long term. Today, Diamond Advanced Aesthetics is here to help you address your worries. Check out this blog post about how can Bellafill Collagen Stimulator ease […]

What is PRFM Treatment

What is PRFM Treatment?-Diamond Advanced Aesthetics

You want to look your best, but it seems like the only way to hide the signs of aging without surgery or a synthetic injectable is through cosmetics.  So what if you want to look younger in a more natural way that doesn’t involve surgery? Platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) can give you back your youth […]

How Do You Use Hylenex To Dissolve Fillers?

How Do You Use Hylenex To Dissolve Fillers

Have you put on fillers for treatment but got some problem lately? Well, there’s good news. You can now remove them. The option of dissolving your fillings is now available, and it’s all about trying Hylenex.  Here at Diamond Advanced Aesthetics in New York, the versatility of dermal fillers is one of our favorite characteristics. […]

Candela eTwo – Complete Facial Rejuvenation Device

Candela eTwo

We all want smooth, beautiful skin, but aging, hormones, and our genes can make that goal hard to reach. Some people may seek out laser treatments to help them achieve this goal. But is it that effective? If you’re looking for new ways to rejuvenate your skin, Candela eTwo is a must-try treatment. If you haven’t heard […]

All you need to know about PRFM

All you need to know about PRFM

Dreaming of having young and beautiful skin? If your answer is yes, then PRFM can be your life skin-saver! The next generation of PRP is Advanced PRP-Selphyl PRFM, and the Selphyl System is set up to quickly make the Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM). The system is safe and makes sure that red and white blood cells don’t […]

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