PRP and Hair Regrowth

PRP and Hair Regrowth

With millions of people around the globe, you may be one of those who encounter hair problems. Losing your hair can be very hard, especially for your self-esteem and social life. But a new natural therapy may give more people hope that they can grow their hair back without surgery, pills, or creams.   Platelet-rich plasma […]

Everything You Need to Know About Jeuveau By Evolus

Everything You Need to Know About Jeuveau By Evolus

Do you always wish to smoothen your wrinkles and fine lines? If you answer yes, then Evolus Jeuveau might be the solution. Jeuveau, like its rivals Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, is intended to minimize the appearance of aging by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles.  Now, if you’d like to know more about how Jeuveau works, this post can […]

How Do You Use Hylenex To Dissolve Fillers?

How Do You Use Hylenex To Dissolve Fillers

Have you put on fillers for treatment but got some problem lately? Well, there’s good news. You can now remove them. The option of dissolving your fillings is now available, and it’s all about trying Hylenex.  Here at Diamond Advanced Aesthetics in New York, the versatility of dermal fillers is one of our favorite characteristics. […]

Candela eTwo – Complete Facial Rejuvenation Device

Candela eTwo

We all want smooth, beautiful skin, but aging, hormones, and our genes can make that goal hard to reach. Some people may seek out laser treatments to help them achieve this goal. But is it that effective? If you’re looking for new ways to rejuvenate your skin, Candela eTwo is a must-try treatment. If you haven’t heard […]

All you need to know about PRFM

All you need to know about PRFM

Dreaming of having young and beautiful skin? If your answer is yes, then PRFM can be your life skin-saver! The next generation of PRP is Advanced PRP-Selphyl PRFM, and the Selphyl System is set up to quickly make the Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM). The system is safe and makes sure that red and white blood cells don’t […]

AquaGold – Facts, Benefits, Risk & Cost

AquaGold - Facts, Benefits, Risk & Cost

There’s no time like the present! Let your skin experience the smooth, healthy, and dewy radiance that it deserves with AquaGold. This treatment works around a revolutionary microneedle device with 24-karat needles producing good benefits directly to your skin.  Diamond Advanced Aesthetics is here to help you achieve glowing skin using AquaGold. Our goal is not […]

What is Thermiva, and How Does it work?

What is Thermiva, and How Does it work? | Diamond Advanced Aesthetics

ThermiVa is an FDA-approved technology that is used non-invasively to restore vaginal tissue. The system works with radiofrequency energy for painless treatment. It also requires no anesthesia and recovery time following the therapy. Experienced professionals can help you achieve the best results in the vaginal area. For instance, radiofrequency energy reshapes labial and vaginal tissue, […]


Thermage or Ultherapy: Which is More Effective?

Every one of us constantly looks for change. We opt to look for things that can help us around our lives. Whether it may be something for our home, or ourselves, we want to make sure that things are practical. The best way to treat our own is to have the best possible means to […]


ThermiVa Treatment Really Work? 7 Things to Know

Various cosmetic and medical treatments are easily accessible to women who need them. But just how effective are these treatments? Let’s take, for example, ThermiVa treatment. Does the ThermiVa treatment really work? Or is everything surrounding it just rumors driven by the hype of a revolutionary new treatment? This post will answer that fundamental question […]


Ultherapy: 7 Secrets You Should Know Before Going For It

Growing old is inevitable, our skin on our necks, chins, brow, and entire face start to sag. We know that it’s unavoidable, but it’s annoying when these aging signs appear earlier than they should’ve. There are plenty of procedures to rejuvenate your skin once again, and if you are, consider Ultherapy. These past few years, people aren’t […]