What is Celluma & How is It Helpful

What is Celluma & How is It Helpful | Diamond Advanced Aesthetics

Finding ways to eliminate your chronic pain, wrinkles and acne could be a real hassle. It’s not about understanding how effective these treatments can be but how long they can last. With the advancement of technology, there are new ways to ease your worries. 

It’s time to say goodbye to your skin issues with the benefits of LED red light therapy. If you think those marks won’t disappear, Celluma may be a solution. Once you discover how low-level light therapy runs, you can start to admire how versatile this process works.

For instance, this treatment can positively help your body work on a cellular level. There’s no need to worry as the procedure is also safe for you to undergo. But of course, it would be beneficial on your end if you knew how Celluma goes so you’d know what to get in the future. 

So, can Celluma exactly give you? Here are the potential benefits of Celluma and how it can be helpful for your concerns. 

What is Celluma?

Celluma is a non-invasive light therapy that uses a specific wavelength to destroy every bacteria and improve the fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. It can also be helpful to other medical conditions like chronic pain. This treatment is a pain-free and quick procedure that requires no recovery time. 

After a few sessions, many patients have testified that results are practical and improved over time. If you consider Celluma light therapy, here’s what more it can offer. 

Benefit From the Pain

Almost everyone suffers from chronic pain, or a pain that can last for three months or more. Whether it came from a recent injury or chronic pain, LED red light therapy can help you ease those pain. 

Near-infrared light energy provides a new set of medical benefits that are proven to enter the deep layers of the skin surface. This move targets the joint pain and muscle at the source, giving you much-needed relief from any injury or inflammation. 

Besides, LED red light therapy has been a good source of therapeutic benefits for various medical applications. With this process, your skin’s surface starts to get enhanced through the penetration of deep layers on the skin working inside and out. 

So instead of masking the pain, Celluma red light works by treating underlying conditions and enhancing performance and tissue repairs. This time it allows your body to perform at a new level of health and wealth.

Acne Benefits

If you think teenagers only suffer from acne, think again. Acne is a common skin problem, and it affects almost every individual each day. 3 out of 4 people (ages 11-30 years) experience acne conditions when it comes to their skin. 

Acne grows when many dead skin cells and naturally-produced oil are called sebum plugs or pores. The sebum production continues to build beneath the plugin on your skin’s surface. It becomes irritated with a P. acne bacteria. The result causes redness, swelling, and inflammation around the surface. 

Besides, if acne is something that you strive with, there are cleaners, creams, and otc medications that you can try. These remedies can do more than the usual therapies most of the time. LED red light therapy helps those with acne by killing acne-causing bacteria at the source, under your skin’s surface. 

Blue LED light treatment gives off specific and best-tested wavelengths of light to trigger an organic effect in human tissue and kill all those acne-causing bacteria. A celluma device radiates a red and blue light simultaneously, which gives an advantage over the other devices emitting blue light. 

Even if the blue light is busy killing the acne, the red LED light reduces the inflammation linked with the acne lesions and enhances your texture, skin tone, and clarity from the inside out. 

Anti-Aging Solution

Many of us look for ways to fight the signs of aging. Whether it’s all under your eye or those deep laugh lines, anti-aging products always fill the gap to offer a firm and smooth skin repairing those lines. 

LED red light therapy is a great drug-free option to help you eliminate fine lines and eye wrinkles. The best form of defense in the anti-aging war is to level up the production of elastin and collagen. As such, Fibroblast cells produce elastin and collagen, the two most proteins in connective tissue. 

Higher Fibroblast proliferation is one of the benefits of LED red light treatment. Fibroblasts create collagen fibers, giving a healthier and better collagen fiber. 

The proven near-infrared and red wavelengths are in the Celluma Series of LED light therapy machines to fight through the signs of aging. With these specific wavelengths, the light energy is verified to improve your body’s natural capacity in generating collagen and elastin through activating the fibroblast cells. 

Celluma Working Process

Each patient will get a customized Celluma light therapy with a pre-specified wavelength of light to heal individual issues. Any patient who receives this therapy for acne will have a different treatment plan to cure their wrinkles and fine lines

The treatment plan takes less than 30 minutes. While in the procedure, you will lie or sit down as your physician will put the Celluma device in the targeted area. Again, Celluma works in a pain-free method. There is no need for any recovery afterward. 

Also, patients would need numerous treatment sessions to see the outcome. Your number of sessions will depend on the condition you need to treat and your goals to achieve. 

Risk & Possibilities of Celluma

Celluma is an FDA-cleared procedure for most patients. Therefore, it works safely and best for those people who have concerns about their wrinkles and fine lines. But before going through the treatment, your physician will discuss points with your medical history to help you understand what’s best for you. 

Every treatment has its own risk, but the dangers linked with Celluma are non-existent. You are safe with the treatment, and you will guarantee to achieve your goals. Book now with your trusted provider and eliminate those wrinkles to fight signs of aging. Good luck on your journey! Get the best therapy that you and your skin deserves.


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