What is Thermiva, and How Does it work?

What is Thermiva, and How Does it work? | Diamond Advanced Aesthetics

ThermiVa is an FDA-approved technology that is used non-invasively to restore vaginal tissue. The system works with radiofrequency energy for painless treatment. It also requires no anesthesia and recovery time following the therapy.

Experienced professionals can help you achieve the best results in the vaginal area. For instance, radiofrequency energy reshapes labial and vaginal tissue, stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin. This method promotes the body’s natural production of collagen. 

ThermiVa works to make firm vaginal walls and revitalize the tissues internally. Outside, it works to stimulate the tightening of the labia, which may release after pregnancy or with natural aging. 

With several benefits, ThermiVa is an effective tool for increasing moisture to tissues through an increased blood supply to the area. This treatment applies to all ages, 6-8 weeks after pregnancy, and results can last for a year or longer.  

The treatment will only take you for about 30 minutes, with no pain or downtime following the process. Expect an immediate contraction of collagen after the therapy. For ideal results, patients must go through a series of 3 treatments roomed one month apart. Then, maintain it once annually. 

Let’s get to know more about Thermiva here in this post. 

How does it work?

As stated, ThermiVa utilizes targeted radiofrequency energy to remodel the vaginal tissue. It works by stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin and the mucosa, encouraging the body’s organic collagen production. It tightens the labia externally and tightens the vaginal walls internally.  

Apart from these factors, what else can you get from having ThermiVa? Allow us to break down some benefits of this remedy. 


Hormonal therapy is the first-line management of vulvovaginal and gynecological conditions. But hormonal treatment is not always ideal for patients who have a history of blood clots, stroke, heart disease, breast cancer, hypertension, or migraines. In that sense, a non-hormonal option is required and available with ThermiVa.

Helps in rejuvenation, enjoyment of intercourse, and urinary incontinence

ThermiVa enhances the overall tone of the vagina by improving the elastin and collagen in the vaginal tissues. It lessens the undesirable vaginal dryness and increases the laxity of the vulva. 

Besides, sexual satisfaction also rises by growing the vaginal sensation during intercourse. The other benefit of ThermiVa works that reducing stress incontinence and urinary leakage. 

Uses heat stimulating the collagen production

It may seem impossible, but it works. Your provider will use a handheld ThemiVa device to provide radiofrequency energy to both the outside and inside of the vagina. Each treatment works for around 30 minutes in total. That is 20 minutes spent on the side of the vagina and another 10 minutes on the external vaginal tissues. 

Radiofrequency energy starts to heat the vaginal tissues stimulating your body to reconstruct the elastin and collagen within the vulvar and vagina areas. For added information, collagen is a protein that makes your skin elastic and firm. Therefore, if you try to improve your body’s collagen production, your tissues must bounce back to elasticity — literally!


Surprisingly, ThermiVa is a low-risk treatment. Because it’s a non-surgical procedure, it comes with minimal risk. You don’t need lasers, anesthesia, or medications for this treatment. 

Amazing Results

You will see ThermiVa’s results almost immediately. We’ve mentioned this many times! The most noticeable improvement for having the treatment is after 90 days. So following the ideal number of treatments will give you the best results. 

But still, some women see improvement with only one treatment. In that sense, they don’t have to undergo many sessions like the others. ThermiVa’s treatment runs over a 3 or 4-month period for about 4-6 weeks between each therapy. 

Also, the length of improvement for each patient is different. But most patients remain symptom-free up to 1 year after their 3-time treatment routine. A touch-up process is highly recommended every 9-12 months to keep you from acquiring any symptoms. 

Don’t let things stop you from having the best life!

Things may not be easy when it comes to sexual and vulvovaginal health. The usual cause and fear start from embarrassment. It still might be a sensitive issue to discuss for some, as most people do not experience the scenario. The sad thing is people suffer in silence. 

So to stop that situation, there are professionals that can help you with your worries. Besides, female health challenges must not stop women from having their best life! Whether it’s about physical, sexual, or emotional matters, getting help is ideal. 

Pay a visit now with your doctor or trusted provider and speak with an expert. Remember, people are willing to listen to your issues every day. Choosing the ideal provider will guide you in the right direction to improve your sexual health. 

Good luck on your journey, and always go for what’s best for you!

Quick Faq’s

Trying out ThermiVa may be overwhelming for you at first. Look into these quick faqs for your post guide. 

Are there side effects? 

Side effects are infrequent, and there is no soreness or numbness to feeling after the treatment. 

Recovery and downtime

Patients don’t report any discomfort, and there is no downtime after the treatment.  

How long is the treatment?

ThermiVa happens in an in-office procedure that will only take you around 20-30 minutes. You can notice the results as soon as you’re done with the treatment. It is highly recommended to take at least 3 treatments one month apart for best results. 

How long do the results last?

Results may vary individually because all patients are different. However, most women who enter an entire series of 3 treatments stated that benefits lasted two years. 

Best Candidate for ThemiVa

Treatment like ThermiVa should not get performed on pregnant patients who have a history of sores or skin infection around the treatment area. The perfect way to identify if this therapy works for you is to set an appointment with your doctor. 

Start booking your appointment online and get assessed by your physician. It’s always better to see the possible risk and discuss each of these with your doctor. Still, your safety should be the top priority. 


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