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You want to look your best, but it seems like the only way to hide the signs of aging without surgery or a synthetic injectable is through cosmetics. 

So what if you want to look younger in a more natural way that doesn’t involve surgery? Platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) can give you back your youth without the risks of those other ways to fight age.

Advanced PRFM treatments in Diamond Advanced Aesthetics can help you feel better naturally. Check out this post to learn more!

What does PRFM stand for?

PRFM is about how your blood works. You may have heard that platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can make you look younger when used in Vampire Facelift and other ways, but PRFM goes even further. 

Platelets are a regular part of your blood and an important part of how your body heals. These platelets have essential growth factors that have been shown to help tissues grow and heal. 

When the Selphy PRFM process cleans the blood to its highest level, the platelets become very concentrated and offer the most healing benefits. So what’s the difference between PRFM and PRP?


Because PRFM has more of these valuable platelets, it works better than traditional PRP. Platelet-rich fibrin matrix is also more stable, which makes it last longer. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is only effective for a day. But still, it can do healing for up to a week. This production of new cells and blood flow can give you natural results.

What is better about PRFM than PRP?

PRFM has a lot of essential platelets. Because of the concentration, the solution works better and is more potent than PRP, which is not as concentrated. 

PRFM also lengthens the time between growth and repair. It makes the skin look younger by giving it more volume and radiance and smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines that come with age.

PRFM’s Adaptability

The wonderful thing about PRFM is how effectively and safely it may cure various health conditions. It is a non-surgical method for regrowing hair since it promotes stem cell proliferation and lengthens the hair growth cycle.

It can also make the skin appear younger by restoring its volume and brightness and diminishing age-related wrinkles and fine lines.

Diamond Advanced Aesthetics Offers Advanced PRP-Selphyl.

Our Advanced PRFM treatment can utilize the regenerative capacity of your cells. Advanced PRP-Selphyl PRFM is the next-gen of PRP, and the Selphyl System is designed to produce Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix rapidly (PRFM).

The system is safe and ensures that red and white blood cells don’t mix. A Selphyl PRFM content closed system turns PRP into PRFM by adding the right amount of calcium chloride dehydrate to PRP. 

This causes fibrinogen to turn into fibrin. Also, the framework protects the platelets so that the growth factors they release can last for a long time.

Overall, our PRFM treatment also stimulates growth factors and microneedles back into your skin to help your body fight the signs of aging, heal the look of scars, and provide better hair rejuvenation treatments.

What is So Good About Selphyl System?

Treatments for skin rejuvenation like SkinPen, microneedling, and dermal fillers work better when growth factors are increased. PRFM adds to skin treatments by making them work better to improve lines, wrinkles, loss of volume, scars, and many other skin problems.

PRFM does more than help the skin get better. It lasts longer than regular PRP and takes longer to make and improve the quality of the skin. PRFM facial treatments can also enhance your face’s shape to make you look younger and more natural.

PRFM Procedure at Diamond Advanced Aesthetics

We have two options that you choose from, having PRFM techniques. Here are those:


PRFM plasma facelift is a non-surgical way to make your face look younger. It combines the effects of triggered cell renewal and dermal fillers to give you beautiful, natural-looking results with little downtime.

PRFM Hair Restoration

PRFM hair restoration therapy is an effective and safe way to stop your hair from getting thinner and help new hair grow. Both men and women can use PRFM treatment because it is easy and works. PRFM used its plasma platelet growth factors to make hair follicles grow and heal.

Who Can Get the Most Out of PRFM Skin Rejuvenation?

Everyone’s skin is damaged to some degree, whether it’s because of the sun, the natural decline of collagen production, bad habits, stress, or something else. In the same way, we could all use PRFM’s ability to improve and heal the skin.

PRFM can also add volume back to faces that are starting to look flat because they are losing volume. It will fill out hollows in the cheeks, smooth out hollows under the eyes, and improve the skin’s tone, tightness, and texture. 

It also eliminates fine lines, spots, acne scars, and stretch marks. Because PRFM is made from your blood, there are no side effects. This makes PRFM procedures safe and easy.

Are there any effects of PRP or PRFM?

PRP and PRFM are made from your blood cells, so there isn’t much of a chance of an allergic reaction. Many of our clients like platelet therapies because they are less invasive than injections or other traditional treatments.

You might not be a good candidate for PRP or PRFM therapy if you have anemia or other blood problems. We have also found that people who smoke or drink a lot of alcohol have fewer platelets and don’t get the same results as our clients who don’t smoke. 

But the good news is that people who aren’t good candidates for PRP but still want to look better have many other options. At Diamond Advanced Aesthetics, we care most about your health and safety. 

So before any procedure, we always check your health to ensure we can help you make a safe treatment plan that meets your needs.

Choosing What’s Best For You

Whether you’re leaning toward PRP, PRFM, or something else, you can quickly get that youthful glow and full head of hair. Just come in and tell us what you want to happen. We’ll help you get started and get back to feeling like yourself.

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