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/ All you need to know about PRFM
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Dreaming of having young and beautiful skin? If your answer is yes, then PRFM can be your life skin-saver! The next generation of PRP is Advanced PRP-Selphyl PRFM, and the Selphyl System is set up to quickly make the Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM). The system is safe and makes sure that red and white blood cells don’t mix.

Here at Diamond Advanced Aesthetics, we ensure to give the best service when it comes to PRFM. We do not only work within your goals but look through possible treatments that can help you have better glowing skin. If you’re interested in PRFM, continue reading more in this post!

What is PRFM?

Is this your first time hearing PRFM? PRFM is like traditional PRP treatments because it uses your own blood cells to get platelet-rich plasma. The Selphyl System, on the other hand, takes extra steps to filter out red and white blood cell contamination that isn’t needed to get the best results. PRFM keeps the extracted platelets alive and helps keep the growth factors flowing for a longer time. The result is that treatments and effects are better than ever!

Why Is The Selphyl System Essential?

Treatments for skin rejuvenation like SkinPen, microneedling, and dermal fillers work better when growth factors are increased. PRFM adds to skin treatments by making them work better to improve lines, wrinkles, loss of volume, scars, and many other skin problems.

PRFM does more than just help the skin get better. It lasts longer than regular PRP and takes longer to make and improve the quality of the skin. PRFM facial treatments can also enhance the shape of your face to make you look younger and more natural.


Since we mentioned PRP, you might wonder what’s the real deal between these two. PRFM has more valuable platelets. That said, it works better and is stronger than traditional PRP. Platelet-rich fibrin matrix is also more stable than its simpler counterpart, which makes it last longer. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is usually only effective for about a day. Still, PRFM can promote healing for up to a week. This constant production of new cells and blood flow can give you the natural results you’ve been looking for.

The Benefits of PRFM

In general, PRFM is a safe treatment, and it can solve a wide range of health problems. It is a non-surgical way to regrow hair. It naturally encourages stem cell growth and lengthens the growth cycle. 

It can also make the skin look younger by giving it back its volume and radiance and by smoothing out the wrinkles and fine lines that come with age. Other than these facts, you may consider the following benefits of PRFM for your skin. 

Long-Lasting Effect

The growth factors in PRFM injections last longer than in PRP injections because they are held in place by a fibrin matrix. This makes it possible for the growth factors in your platelets to become more concentrated and be released slowly over time.

PRFM injections can keep working for days or weeks, while PRP injections stop working within hours or days.

Regenerate Naturally

The main highlight of PRFM is to make your skin smooth, young, and beautiful. Just like you’re not aging at all! The treatment has natural effects that help your skin heal without using any artificial stimuli. The natural parts of your body are used in these injections to treat wrinkles, fine lines, skin getting thinner, and more.

PRFM is an excellent choice for people who worry about what is in cosmetic injectables because it is made from your own regenerative platelets.

No Adverse Reactions

PRFM has almost no risk of an allergic reaction, unlike other procedures that use artificial fillers or anesthesia. The ingredients that make PRFM work come straight from your blood. This means that your immune system will see the injection as good. So, patients shouldn’t have a lot of swelling, pain, or other side effects common with additional injections.

PRFM Methods

Diamond Advanced Skin Aesthetics offers excellent solutions for your PRFM treatment. You select two options, and either of these two can help you work through your goals. Here are the treatments you can try with PRFM:


PRFM plasma facelift is a non-surgical facial rejuvenation solution that combines triggered cell regeneration with dermal filler effect to produce stunning, natural-looking results with little recovery time.

PRFM Hair Restoration

PRFM hair restoration is a safe and effective method for preventing hair loss and increasing hair growth. The PRFM treatment is successful and convenient for both men and women. PRFM employed the strength of the patient’s own plasma platelet growth factors to activate and heal hair follicles.

To check more on these treatments, you can consult and talk with our staff. Consultations before the treatment are a suggested process for each patient. In this phase, you’ll know whether PRFM is the best treatment for you or not. Feel free to book a consultation or give our clinic a call!

PRFM Side Effects

As we mentioned, PRFM comes from your own blood cells; there is no chance that you will have an allergic reaction. That means there’s no need to test or try something out.

Scientific Evidence About PRFM

As we mentioned, PRFM comes from your own blood cells; there is no chance that you will have an allergic reaction. That means there’s no need to test or try something out.

Not only do we observe the benefits of PRFM therapies for clients, but there is also substantial scientific data to support them. Researchers from Ohio State University determined the efficacy and survivability of concentrated platelets in a fibrin matrix in one investigation. 

The platelet-rich fibrin matrix promoted endothelial cell production in wounds. It enhanced the formation of new blood vessels in ischemic injuries, demonstrating its potential for wound healing. Additionally, their research validated the slow and consistent release of growth factors from PRFM.

Choosing PRFM For Your Skin

PRFM is one of the many skin-aging solutions to help you achieve a young-looking face. But you’ll be able to treat better skin problems with the right provider on your side. Our professional and knowledgeable team at Diamond Advanced Aesthetics is here to answer any questions or address any queries you may have regarding hair growth or anti-aging treatments with PRFM. Give us a call at your convenience! We can’t wait to see a young-looking and fresh you! 

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