What is VI Peel, and Is it Good for Skin Texture?

Chemical peels are prevalent beauty products, but do you really understand them? Do you know what they do to your skin, their benefits, and their differences from each other? The VI Peel is a primary example of a popular chemical peel, but the inner workings are still relatively unknown.

This post will discuss what VI Peel is, its benefits, how it works, and every last detail about the treatment.

What is VI Peel?

VI Peel is one of the latest and trendiest chemical peels to rise in the world of cosmetics and aesthetics. It is getting a lot of attention due to the impactful yet minimal downtime approach. It can treat acne, scars, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and more – it is a fix-all treatment.

By today’s ever-increasing instant beauty standards, the VI Peel seems too good to be true. But alas! VI Peel’s reputation is trustworthy.

The VI Peel originated from the company Vitality Institute. The synergistic blend of active ingredients, minerals, and pain-numbing ingredients makes VI Peel highly effective yet requires only minimal downtime and causes minor discomfort.

The Ingredients of VI Peel

VI Peel contains a whole range of active ingredients such as trichloroacetic acid (TCA), Phenol, retinoic acid, salicylic acid, and, most notably, vitamin C. Add minerals to these active ingredients, and VI Peel acts less like a chemical peel and more like an infusing treatment. The peel infuses these ingredients into the skin, improving texture and tone, repairing and rejuvenating the skin, and strengthening the skin to prevent further damage.

Trichloroacetic acid and Phenol are both skin smoothers. The combined application of these two ingredients creates a controlled injury to the skin, which is similar to how micro-needling works. The ingredients trigger regeneration and collagen and elastin production, as well as clearing dead skin cells.

Together, TCA and Phenol treat skin discoloration, scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, and pigmentation.

Retinoic acid comes from vitamin A. It helps reduce acne, oil production (which is conducive for acne), and inflammation. This ingredient is also known to exfoliate, volumize, and increase the skin’s firmness.

Salicylic acid is a popular anti-acne ingredient. It gives VI Peel a boost in its anti-acne power. Salicylic acid exfoliates the skin and cleans the pores; therefore, it effectively reduces whiteheads and blackheads and prevents future breakouts.

Vitamin C is famous for its immunity-boosting capability. Vitality Institute included vitamin C in their peel’s ingredient list to act as a powerful antioxidant against damaging elements such as the sun and pollution. It reduces pigmentation and increases collagen production.

Specialized versions of the VI Peel exist to cater to specific needs. These targeted versions of the peel contain Kojic acid, benzoyl peroxide, hydroquinone, or hydrocortisone. They are used for more severe cases of breakouts, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation.

How Does VI Peel Work?

VI Peel is a medium-depth chemical peel, which means that it penetrates the top layer of the skin called the epidermis. It reaches the dermis, the second layer of the skin, and delivers the ingredients there. Aside from penetrating the top layer of the skin, it also exfoliates or breaks it down to reveal healthier skin underneath.

A VI Peel session takes only about half an hour and is painless. Here’s how the procedure goes:

  • The aesthetic practitioner or doctor will clean your skin of dirt and oil
  • They will apply a layer of the VI Peel solution which can cause numbness or tingling
  • Another layer will be applied; it will cause the face to “frost” or turn white
  • The practitioner will instruct you to wash off the peel in about 4 to 6 hours
  • Your skin will peel for the next three days

The procedure is exceptionally straightforward. No downtime or recovery period is needed; you can return to your day the second you step out of the practitioner’s office. However, there are aftercare tips you have to remember to ensure the full efficacy of the VI Peel treatment.

VI Peel Aftercare

When washing off the VI Peel solution 4 to 6 hours after the treatment, use a mild cleanser and water. Avoid the application of creams or lotions until you wash off the peel. Furthermore, a Post Peel Protectant should have been given to you after the procedure; apply the protectant 2 to 4 times a day as instructed by the practitioner.

While your skin is peeling, apply moisturizer frequently to avoid drying out the new layer of skin. Also, avoid direct exposure to sunlight while peeling; use sunscreen whenever you have to step outside.

Is VI Peel Good for Skin Texture?

Yes! VI Peel is incredible for skin texture. Improving skin texture is just one of the many wonders of VI Peel.

The VI Peel solution breaks down the top layer of the skin and initiates the production of more collagen and elastin. Those two substances are crucial for the perfect structure of the skin. The more that the skin has healthy collagen and elastin, the smoother and more firm it is.

As already mentioned, VI Peel is gaining popularity fast because of its high-impact yet minimal downtime approach. It is a one-stop-shop kind of chemical peel. Aside from improving skin texture, here are the other beneficial effects of the VI Peel treatment:

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Another effect of sufficient collagen and elastin is the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles developing. The loss of collagen and elastin is what makes the skin more susceptible to lines and wrinkles.


The rich ingredients of the VI Peel make it an excellent chemical peel choice for acne breakouts. The ingredients in the VI Peel solution reduce oil, kill bacteria, clean clogged pores, remove dead skin cells, and reduce inflammation – all of which contribute to acne breakouts.

Try VI Peel for Yourself!

The VI Peel treatment is full of benefits on which you don’t want to miss out. Try the procedure for yourself and see how beautiful your skin can be. Reach out to Julija Dimante through her website Contact Us page, phone at (917) 698-2257, or email at [email protected].

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